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The ABCs of Death


T is for Talbet

Directed by Andrew B Daniel

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Written By Andrew B. Daniel and Johnathan D. Harding Produced By Kenneth Leslie Directed By Andrew B. Daniel Cast Caroline Jaden Stussi as Sandra Thompson Shadd Thomas as Mr Talbet L'Orange as Mr Kit Director of Photography John Dunne Director of Photography 2nd Unit Constantino Ferrer Starring Caroline Stussi Shadd Thomas Make Up/FX Ami Murray Edited By Michael Roha Kenneth Leslie Original Score Jonathan Tummons Original Song "Libere Me" By Gabriel Faure Licensed from Premiumbeat.com Royalty Free Music 2011 Associate Producer Amanda Hall Associate Producer Johnathan D. Harding Equipment Pollution Studios Borrowlenses Special Thanks; Stewart Schuster Steven Sims Ashley Martin Scott Benjamin Spiegelman AJ Aiken & Hustler Keith and Laraine Pipoly Jeremy Adams Cafe Audrey in Hollywood California copyright 2011 Scare Me Please Films


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